Version 2.9.2

The free and open source bot for Silkroad Online.


Requires Window 7 SP1 or above and.NET 6.0 Desktop runtime.


100% free

No account or payment required. The bot is completely free to use for everyone.

100% open source

Check every line of code in the GitHub repository or feel free to even contribute your own features.



Setup your skills, avoidance, protection in a single window. Easily configure your skill rotation and consumption of potions. There are many features that come in handy in any situation you may encounter.
Provide an area and walkscript in the bot window and let the the training begin - day and night.


With the latest update, RSBot comes with a new botbase to completely automate trade routes. Using a list of scripts it cycles between trade routes while defending the transport and killing thieves.


You can easily select the item you want to fuse and the bot will automatically scan the inventory for possible alchemy actions. All you then need to do is to select the options you want and start the bot.
- Good luck!


RSBot has an auto lure bot built in. Use the Lure bot base to automate the pulling of enemies for your party by using either a walk script or walking around randomly.



Keep track of what matters most: Seal of the Sun drops. The Inventory page allows you to see every item in your player, pet and storage. It's even possible to use specific items at the training place.


Full automation of the shopping process of items like potions, equipment repair or placing items into the personal storage. If configured, the bot will automatically sell items to a NPCs according to a detailed item filter.


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The bot includes a detailed map to keep track of the entities around the player. It looks and feels just like the regular map you find in the game and offers a brief overview, even if the client is not running.


Manage your party, find a party in the party matching and setup party buffing. By setting up a resurrection skill you will always keep your party alive and running!


Don't miss a message. You are still able to use the ingame chat and send messages in any channel.

...and much more...

Supported Clients

Japanese Old | JSRO_SL

Thailand | Blackrogue 100

Thailand | Blackrogue 110

Vietnam | vSRO 188

Vietnam | vSRO 193

Vietnam | vSRO 274

Taiwan | TSRO 110

Chinese | cSRO/-R

Global | iSRO (International Silkroad)

Turkey | TRSRO

Korean | KSRO

Rigid | iSRO (International Silkroad 2015)